CQRS is simpler than you think with C#11 and .NET 7!

CQRS is quite often perceived as an over complex pattern with a lot of redundancy and ceremony. Too often it's explained pushing towards multiple databases, eventual consistency, DDD, and Event Sourcing. In this webinar, Oskar will show that it's the opposite in reality.

During live coding, Oskar will show how CQRS can help in tackling the layered architecture complexity. He'll build a simple but real WebAPI. Then he'll spice all of that with all the goodies from C#11 and .NET 7 to help achieve that. Records, Nullable Reference Types, Endpoints etc. The main focus will be on CQRS and pure .NET, not Event Sourcing, or DDD.

Oskar Dudycz

Event Sourcerer

Wrocław, Poland


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