Automating the Software Deployment Lifecycle with Chocolatey, Jenkins and PowerShell

Traditionally deploying and upgrading software versions in an organization was a mundane manual task loaded with pain and delays.

Using PowerShell, Pester and Chocolatey automated using Jenkins could have you rollout starts within minutes of the software being made available!

At the end of the presentation you will have learned:

* The traditional organizational software deployment lifecycle;
* The automated organizational software deployment lifecycle using PowerShell, Pester, Chocolatey and Jenkins;
* The recommended Chocolatey organizational deployment & upgrade architecture;
* How Chocolatey sources work and what repositories are and why you should have them;
* The differences between the recommended package repository options;
* Internalizing packages to use internally;
* Testing packages in the deployment lifecycle using PowerShell and Pester;
* Following through the software deployment lifecycle from test to production;
* Synchronising repositories using PowerShell;

Paul Broadwith

Supreme Commander and MVP

Glasgow, United Kingdom

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