Navigating the Fast-Paced World of IT: Tips for Maintaining Mental Health and Avoiding Burnout

The world of IT moves fast, and we're expected to move fast with it.

You have a job. You have a career. You have a brand. You have social media. You have a blog. You have a community. And you have to do it all. Today. Not tomorrow. Now.

We're building our own cage filled with anxiety, stress and burn out. All of this can lead to mental health issues.

I want to show you how working in IT affects our mental health, what you can do about it to look after yours now and pace yourself for the future.

This is an update on the talk I submitted last year and that I have done with Rob at PS Conf EU 2021 and DATA:Scotland 2021.

This is specifically focused on my personal journey of going through bad mental health and burnout at work and how I have evolved to look after my mental health and how I try to avoid burn out.

Paul Broadwith

Supreme Commander and MVP

Glasgow, United Kingdom

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