PowerShell DSC Package Management with Chocolatey

Chocolatey loves configuration managers.

Chocolatey loves PowerShell.

But does thee PowerShell configuration manager love Chocolatey right back?

In this presentation we will look at:

* The Chocolatey DSC resources;
* Features of the DSC resources;
* Caveats to managing Chocolatey packages with DSC;
* How to manage Chocolatey using DSC resources;
* How to install, uninstall and upgrade packages;
* Setting up an internal repository to store your packages locally, within your organisation, using, of course, DSC;

This talk is a mixture of slides and demos.

The audience is expected to know what DSC is and how it works as this won't be explained. However, they only need to have a passing understanding of it.

The talk is aimed at the sysadmins who either use, or want to use, Chocolatey and want to understand how it works with DSC.

Paul Broadwith

Supreme Commander and MVP

Glasgow, United Kingdom


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