Paul Sheriff

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Use JSON Data instead of SQL Server

JSON data is very common in today's programming world. You will most likely need to read files, write files and query JSON data within your applications. One great use of JSON data files is to cache validation table data on the client instead of constantly gathering this rather static table data from the server. This technique comes in very handy in desktop and web applications. You can use JSON files to completely replace a database in some applications. In this seminar you will learn how to perform complete read, add, edit and delete operations on JSON files. You will also see a technique of how to keep your JSON files up to date with any server changes. You will walk away confident that you can put these techniques into use in your applications immediately!

Paul Sheriff

Real-World Techniques Explained Simply

Paul has over thirty three years of experience architecting information systems and his expertise is in much demand from Fortune 500 companies. Paul is a top-notch instructor, a pluralsight author, has published 300+ articles, and authored over 14 books on topics ranging from C#, SQL Server and many .NET technologies. Paul has over 24 courses in the library on topics ranging from JavaScript, Angular, MVC, WPF, XML, jQuery and Bootstrap. Paul speaks at many different conferences and user groups around the world.

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