Developer under attack! Get from conflict to conversation with Verbal Aikido

Verbal aggression is an unfortunate reality in the workplace, with instances like pushy salespeople, blame in code reviews, and passive-aggressive co-workers being all too common. As software developers, gracefully dealing with such attacks becomes crucial for our professional growth and well-being. That's where Verbal Aikido comes in.

Join us to discover the power of Verbal Aikido in transforming conflict into constructive conversations. In this interactive session, you will learn practical dialogue techniques and strategies tailored specifically for software developers. By practicing Verbal Aikido, you'll develop the skills to navigate challenging situations. On top of that, you will get:

- Actionable Skills: The more you practice Verbal Aikido, the better equipped you become at defusing conflicts and steering conversations toward positive outcomes.
- Workplace Application: Verbal Aikido provides practical tools to effectively deal with challenging situations at work, allowing you to maintain professionalism and foster healthier working relationships.
- Improved Personal Relationships: Applying Verbal Aikido principles extends beyond the workplace, leading to more harmonious interactions with your family and friends.
- Self-Discovery: Learning Verbal Aikido will not only enhance your communication abilities, but it will also provide valuable insights into your own patterns and behaviors, facilitating personal growth and self-awareness.
- Live demos and practice: we will role-play the audience's real-life cases!

Join us for this transformative talk and discover how Verbal Aikido can empower you to handle verbal attacks with confidence, grace, and resilience.

This is a 40 to 120 minutes talk and workshop mix, with a lot of role-play and storytelling. It uses examples from a developer's life, but the techniques are useful for anybody. You can learn more about Verbal Aikido at

Philippe Bourgau

Agile & Craft coach, solving technical challenges with people collaboration

Paris, France


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