Get time to do great work with the Quality View workshop

What if I told you that the key to get time for technical excellence lies not in business cases and high-tech analysis tools, but in harnessing the ancestral human skills of visualizing, storytelling, and empathizing?

One of the biggest challenges developers face is the lack of time for refactoring, clean code, clean architecture, and testing. The quality view workshop involves the entire team and stakeholders. By collaborating on sketching an accessible visualization of what lies "under the hood", this workshop will make non-developers empathize with your concerns for quality work. As a result, you will get time to do work you can be proud of!

During this session, you will:
- Discover what Quality Views are
- Draw a quality view on a provided codebase
- Have fun by playing the different roles in the team
- Learn a step-by-step workshop to build a quality view on your own code base
- Learn how to tune your quality view to your specific business risks and challenges (deployability, availability, onboarding, bus factor...)
- Learn when and how to get the product or business stakeholders involved to maximize their interest and engagement
- Discover how to prioritize technical excellence where it matters: on the upcoming business needs!
- Look at follow-up activities that use the quality view to define tasks for refactoring, risk management, or knowledge sharing.
- As a bonus, this workshop builds empathy and team bonds within a team. It's a great way to break silos.

Prepare for an interactive session where you will learn by doing. Attend my session and embark on the path to technical excellence today!

This is a two hours long workshop targeting developers, architects, scrum-masters, managers, and coaches.

Philippe Bourgau

Agile & Craft coach, solving technical challenges with people collaboration

Paris, France


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