Test yourself at the TCR workout machine!

What do you do when a workout becomes too easy? You add weights! But how do you do that with programming katas?

Incremental design is stopping to think of design as something set in stone, but instead as a never-ending stream of small baby steps. Fluent coding in baby steps is the key to mastering incremental design. How do you teach coding in baby steps to experienced programmers who manage (mostly) to go through code katas in big steps?

TCR (Test && Commit || Revert) is the baby-step workout machine that you can add to your kata sessions! On top of teaching baby steps:

* It's like a second coach, that constantly reminds participants to take baby steps
* It's only a script, so it's not as annoying as a human coach 😉
* Being an obvious 'practice exercise', it's easier to sell than TDD katas!
* People say they enjoy the dash of 'gamification' it adds
* It teaches you how big a step you can take safely, this learning is actually easier to apply than TDD in legacy code!
* We've got a script, and it's remote-friendly

Join this session, see and experiment TCR, and start coaching incremental design in your team NOW!

This is a 2 to 3 hours long hands-on mob programming workshop. It's targeting developers and was publicly delivered at the Luxembourg Craft Meetup, and later at Devoxx Paris 2022, XPDays Benelux, and Alpes Craft.

Philippe Bourgau

Agile & Craft coach, solving technical challenges with people collaboration

Paris, France


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