Building a Robot Arm with .NET 7, Raspberry Pi, Blazor and SignalR

In this session we'll run through everything needed to build a Robot Arm with a Raspberry Pi, .NET 7 a Blazor App and SignalR.

We'll begin by seeing how easy it is to install .NET 7.

Then we'll see how we've connected up the various components to our Raspberry Pi.

Next we'll spin up a console application to explore how we can control the GPIO on the Pi.

We'll then examine the code to start moving the connected servos for our Raspberry Pi based Robot Arm.

Next we'll look at a simple Blazor and SignalR app to control our robot remotely!

Finally we'll have a look at how we can use an Oculus Quest 2 to interact with our Robot Arm in VR!

This session will appeal to all knowledge levels. A working knowledge of programming will help, but all the code will be shared on GitHub!

Peter Gallagher

Full-Stack Manager at Avanade UK, Microsoft Azure MVP and MCT, Pluralsight Author... IoT and DevOps expert, dad, gadget addict and Meetup organiser.

Loughborough, United Kingdom

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