IoT with nothing but your laptop

Gettting started with IoT can be daunting! Although the cost of IoT hardware has reduced dramatically over the last few years, you still need to choose the right IoT option, figure out what accessories it needs, order it all from Amazon and wait for it to arrive

With the advent of HTML 5, so comes the ability to simulate a lot of IoT kit right there in your web browser. We'll walk through a few of the best online simulators for IoT technology, which will give you a head start into the world of IoT. This way you can forgo all the procrastinating, and get to (virtually)

After attending this session you'll understand;

BBC Micro:Bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Mx Chip, Azure IoT Hubs and how to use all of these without spending a penny!

Who this talk is suitable for;

This talk is suitable for anybody who has an interest in IoT but doesn't have a well rounded knowledge of all the platforms and options out there.

Peter Gallagher

Full-Stack Manager at Avanade UK, Microsoft Azure MVP and MCT, Pluralsight Author... IoT and DevOps expert, dad, gadget addict and Meetup organiser.

Loughborough, United Kingdom

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