Supercharge your data with Azure AI Search and OpenAI

In this session we will take a look at how we can combine the power of Azure AI Search and OpenAI to allow us to gain insights over our own data.

Using a .NET 8 Blazor app along with SignalR and C#, we'll begin by taking a walk through the Azure OpenAI Service looking at the basics of GenAI, the OpenAI Playground and the .NET SDK.

We'll then take a look at Azure AI Search including; Chunking, Indexes, Vectorisation, Facets, Search and more.

Finally, we'll move on to looking at how we can combine AI Search and OpenAI to supercharge our own data.

This session will appeal to both beginners to Azure OpenAI and AI Search as well as learners wishing to expand their knowledge of these services to further their skillset.

Peter Gallagher

Full-Stack Manager at Avanade UK, Microsoft Azure MVP and MCT, Pluralsight Author... IoT and DevOps expert, dad, gadget addict and Meetup organiser.

Loughborough, United Kingdom

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