Prepare for Change: 5 Simple Rules

Change is the only constant. But how to prepare for it? Although the answer is long and full of "it depends", there are a few universal rules ready for use:

1. Keep it Small
2. Keep it Simple
3. Keep it Elegant
4. Keep it Safe
5. Keep it Up-to-date

In this session we'll delve into these rules and how they can be applied to your software development life cycle. We'll go full circle from requirements to maintenance. Along the way we'll cover mindset, development process and making technical choices.

By the end of this session, you will have acquired new insights in enhancing the cost-efficiency of application development. So, no matter what your role in the development life cycle is, this session is for you.

Peter van Vliet

Co-Founder and Lead Architect @ Masking Technology

Leiden, The Netherlands

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