Microservices in a Monolith World

There is no doubt that a large proportion of the IT industry sees microservices as the direction of travel for development. But transitioning to this software delivery model can be profoundly disruptive in technology, organization, and process. Much like how becoming truly Agile has been difficult, organizations often end up with Wagile (waterfall with agile where the project is managed in a waterfall model, but agile ceremonies are used to manage day-to-day activities).

In this light, what can we do to make the transition to microservices easier? What is it we're really trying to get from adopting microservices? In this session, we'll describe some of the approaches Capgemini have used with customers to help reach a place where a microservice way of building, delivering, and operating software solutions can work. We'll look at why some organizations have openly said microservices haven't worked for them and why, and importantly not using microservices should not be seen as a failure.

Phil Wilkins

Cloud Developer Evangelist, Author & Blogger

Basingstoke, United Kingdom

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