Monoliths in a Microservice World

The goals and values of adopting a microservice design methodology have been well documented. So why might a monolith approach be valid, and why do some organizations reject the microservice model? In this session, we'll look at the challenges involved in the adoption of microservices and when it makes sense to stick with a monolith delivery model, and when we may think we're building microservices. Still, the reality is we have a monolith using new technologies.

Attendees will takeaway from the session:
• A look at conditions where adopting microservices may not deliver on its promises
• A view on approaches that can allow monoliths and microservices can co-exist successfully
• Insights from organizations who have rejected microservices and what a middle ground can look like

Phil Wilkins

Cloud Developer Evangelist, Author & Blogger

Basingstoke, United Kingdom


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