Jamie Phillips

Information & Communications Technology

Kubernetes Windows Golang .NET Container

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

A tale of intrigue, mystery, and frustration: Local Kubernetes Development Environments

Have you ever had to work on a system with many moving pieces? Some of those pieces all require modification and testing together? If you have, you know the frustration and difficulty in writing the code and verifying that it all works together. Even if you haven't, the lessons learned are still helpful as more teams adopt distributed systems. This talk will cover how I have learned to create a development environment spanning Linux, Windows, and multiple components to build a Kubernetes distribution that supports Windows.

Jamie Phillips

Software Engineer Cloud Native Technologies, SUSE Rancher

Jamie Phillips is a Software Engineer Cloud Native Technologies at SUSE Rancher, and works remotely from East Tennessee. He has a keen interest in DevOps and the Cloud. He can be found on Twitter @phillipsj73, his blog at phillipsj.net, and GitHub as phillipsj.

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