Jamie Phillips

Information & Communications Technology

Kubernetes Windows Golang .NET Container

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

Azure for the Pythonista

Azure is a cloud platform with many services. People often assume that Azure is for .NET and Microsoft developer, however, there is a lot to offer the Pythonista. AI, ML, Web Apps, Storage, and Serverless are just the tip of the iceberg of what there is to offer. In this talk we are going to focus on what the Azure PaaS services provide and how Python is supported on both Windows, Linux, and container based. We will take a basic application and walk through how to deploy that application to Azure App Service.

Jamie Phillips

Software Engineer Cloud Native Technologies, SUSE Rancher

Jamie Phillips is a Software Engineer Cloud Native Technologies at SUSE Rancher, and works remotely from East Tennessee. He has a keen interest in DevOps and the Cloud. He can be found on Twitter @phillipsj73, his blog at phillipsj.net, and GitHub as phillipsj.

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