Learn You an Infrastructure as Code for a great good!

Infrastructure as Code is often discussed and talked about among teams. There is a desire to start adopting these practices and tools, however, teams often struggle with were to start. In this talk, we are going to explore reasons to proceed with implementing IaC and what advantages it will deliver to you, your team, and the rest of your organization. I will cover two popular tools for getting started with creating your infrastructure as code, Packer, and Terraform. Packer is a tool for creating machine images that are on-premise and cloud-ready, Terraform is a tool for defining and orchestrating the creation and provisioning of resources both on-premise and in the cloud. This presentation will explore how these two tools along with Azure can enable your team to accelerate creating systems whose infrastructure is repeatable, resilient, and recoverable while staying CALM.

Jamie Phillips

Staff Site Reliability Engineer, NBA

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States


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