Jamie Phillips

Information & Communications Technology

Kubernetes Windows Golang .NET Container

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

Lessons learned from producing multi-cloud marketplace Windows-based images using Packer

For the last two-plus years, I have been producing marketplace images for AWS and Azure using Packer. These marketplace images start with the base image provided for SQL Server on Windows Server. There have been several challenges and differences that were not expected that produced many learnings. In this session, we cover using Packer for multi-cloud image builds, operating system updates, configuration, system generalization, and cost-saving tips.

Jamie Phillips

Software Engineer Cloud Native Technologies, SUSE Rancher

Jamie Phillips is a Software Engineer Cloud Native Technologies at SUSE Rancher, and works remotely from East Tennessee. He has a keen interest in DevOps and the Cloud. He can be found on Twitter @phillipsj73, his blog at phillipsj.net, and GitHub as phillipsj.

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