Azure SQL: What to use and when - overview and real case scenarios

Come learn about the Azure SQL family and how to lower expenses, improve performance, and reduce daily work!

Choose the solution best suited for you, starting with (1) deployment options: single database, elastic pool, managed instances, managed instance pool, SQL on Virtual machine; (2) architectural models: Bundled packages, General Purpose, Hyperscale, and Business Critical; (3) pricing models: DTU or eDTU Pricing tiers, Provisioned Compute resources based on vCore and size, serverless compute tier based on auto-scaling of the compute resources; (4) generation of hardware.

We will review the theory and the main features, we will discuss real case scenarios and how to choose the service suits you best, and we will present tips and tricks to lower expenses while improving performance and reducing maintenance.

Level 300

Ronen Ariely

Senior consultant and architect, data platform and application development.

Tel Aviv, Israel


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