Spatial Data Type for the rescue! hierarchy, ranges, gaps and islands, and more

SQL Server provides powerful Spatial Indexes efficiently perform certain operations on geometry or geography data type.

It's pretty obvious that scenarios related to geometry or geography are usually best solved using spatial data types, but did you ever thought about harness the power of geometry data type to solve other scenarios?

There are a great number of scenarios that are not related to spatial data, which we can simulate as a geometric structure. For example, why not to present Hierarchical data as a geometric structure where the children are Polygons inside "a father Polygon", or present Ranges of times as line segments. We can even presents known scenarios of "gaps and islands" as actual islands in a map.

In this session I will introduce original advanced algorithms that use a geometric data type to solve scenarios such as hierarchy, ranges, gaps and islands, and more.

This session is a 100% practical demonstration!

Session level is 400; Target audience includes architects and DBA; Session duration is 60 minutes.

Ronen Ariely

Senior consultant and architect, data platform and application development.

Tel Aviv, Israel


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