The Power of Power Query in a Real Case Scenario - using Query Editor and Excel

Learn how to leverage the diverse abilities of Power Query to acquire, discover, and reshape complex JSON structure data into Microsoft Excel.

Power Query is a tool to discover, define, reshape, and import the data from a wide variety of data sources. There are tens of connectors currently available for Power Query which we can use to load data into either Power BI Desktop or Excel. The core capability of Power Query is to mash-up data (filter and combine) using the Power Query M Formula Language.

Our journey will begin with simple example and a bit of theory, moving to a real case scenario where we will use a complex JSON downloaded from web API and include unknown multi-levels hierarchy structure.

We will use "Power Query Editor" to discover and define the data and we'll combine elements of the M language in Power Query to reshape the data, before presenting the visualized data in Microsoft Excel.

Come learn to use the power of Power Query with Microsoft Excel, Query Editor, and some tricks to be better prepared to tackle any size or shape of data that comes your way.

level 300-400

Ronen Ariely

Senior consultant and architect, data platform and application development.

Tel Aviv, Israel


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