Learn to Visualise using DAX Tricks in Power BI

DAX is a language that provides integration of functions and operators to build formulas in Microsoft Power BI tool. It can be specially life-saving when it comes to adding dynamic calculations to your report. It is not easy to master DAX but there could be certain scenarios where DAX calculations can make developer’s life easier.
In today’s session, I will be showing few scenarios where using DAX calculations, has really made my job easy to add a dynamic-level to the insights in a Power BI report.
I will be taking the audience through few different use-cases, where simple DAX tricks can help with adding the next level functionality to visuals in Power BI.
Key Take-aways:
• Learning basic DAX expressions which will be use-case driven
• Adding visualisation capabilities using basic DAX expressions
• Adding formatting tricks to visuals using DAX expressions
• Problem statements to be solved using DAX expressions
• A power BI file in the end to play with
One doesn’t need to be an expert in DAX to attend this session. Anyone willing to learn about few DAX tricks in Power BI, should definitely attend this session.

Pragati Jain

Microsoft MVP - Data Platform, Analytics Manager at Avanade

London, United Kingdom

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