Unhide the Power of Power Query in Power BI

Power Query in Power BI gives us a capability for data ingestion and transformation.
But have we ever thought of what all in-built data transformation capabilities in Power Query can help us with shaping and formatting our data in a better way for generating meaningful insights out of it?
In this session, I will take the audience through steps from:
• bringing in data using Power Query in Power BI
• going through basic but important data transformations
• leveraging benefits of creating custom, conditional & index columns
• learning basics around Advanced editor code
- along with scenarios where the code from Advanced Editor can be re-used in a flawless way to modify data-source type
- also, how to use existing transformation steps in a new data-source from the old data-source code with small tweaks

Pragati Jain

Microsoft MVP - Data Platform, Analytics Manager at Avanade

London, United Kingdom


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