Beyond the Hype - Lessons on Power Platform

Sit down, relax, and let's have an honest talk. I run a company that helps other businesses put Power Platform to work and I've been hands-on with this tool since it first came out. From small apps serving a handful of users to critical apps transforming the work of thousands. In this session, I'll be sharing my experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I'm also inviting a customer to join us on stage. They have experience working with multiple Power Platform vendors and even have their own team making Power Apps and Power BI solutions. We’ll share what's good and what's not, with no script, just raw experiences.

We’ll cover how to go from an idea to a working app. We’ll share tips and lessons from both small and big projects. You’ll hear about the good moves we made and the mistakes we learned from.

This is not a talk full of hard-to-understand words and big promises. It's about sharing what really happens when you use Power Platform in a real-world setting. This session is great for leaders who want to make smart choices about using Power Platform in their business.

Tomas Prokop

Microsoft MVP / Power Platform Architect

Prague, Czechia


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