Voice-Integrated AI Bot for Microsoft Teams and PSTN

Dive deep into the future of chatbots as we go beyond text-based communication and break into the world of voice. In this hands-on session, we'll explore how to connect a powerful chatbot to Microsoft Teams, not just as a text-based "person" but also as an active voice participant. Whether you're calling directly from Microsoft Teams, dialing in from a regular phone (it's got a phone number!), or even inviting the bot into a meeting, we've got you covered.

You'll learn:

- How to integrate your bot with Microsoft Bot Framework and Teams for both chat and voice functionalities.

- Insights on setting up a server to handle voice sessions, making your bot a fully interactive participant.

- Wake words in team meetings / conference calls and how our bot can jump in, take notes, and even execute tasks on command.

- Harnessing the power of Microsoft Power Platform to further enhance your bot's capabilities, and our experiences with Open API definitions for connectors.

No fluff. Just straight-to-the-point dev content, tools, and APIs. Join us to amplify your Teams experience with AI.

Tomas Prokop

Microsoft MVP / Power Platform Architect

Prague, Czechia


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