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Prevent Heroism: How to Work Today to Reduce Work Tomorrow

Reactive work is a massive time and value sink, but unfortunately existing gaps in team structure and/or metrics don’t capture “what’s missing”. For example, how do you track calls not placed, outages that never occurred? Traditional structures and metrics don’t necessarily capture this shift, yet everyone benefits from a better user experience - i.e. the unplaced call or outage. In this talk I’m going to discuss:

* Level set: explain the concept “upstream work”, as defined by Dan Heath in his book Upstream
* Explain why this focus is important
* Discuss how teams can start to shift from reactive work to proactive work, i.e. move upstream; including shifting reward structures away from Heroes
* Cover how to use metrics to support this shift in practice

Also delivered to DevOps Days Chicago (Sep 2020)

Quintessence Anx

Developer Advocate at PagerDuty

Quintessence meandered into developer relations after a long tenure in IT and operations roles. After running AWS bills up and then bringing them back down again, she brought her "lessons learned" to PagerDuty, where she is a Developer Advocate. Outside of work, she co-founded Inclusive Tech Buffalo and mentors underrepresented groups to help them launch sustainable careers in technology.

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