Helping open source contribution events have more impact - what we are up to at DrupalCon

For over 20 years, Drupal ( has been successful as a direct result of the many thousands of people who contribute their time, talent, and treasure to the project. Indeed, even as we celebrate our 20th birthday, we see the number of contributions growing.
One of the drivers of contribution success has been holding mass contribution participation days at events like DrupalCon ( but in 2021 we plan to make some significant changes as to how contribution is built into the heart of the program at this year's event.
Come along and learn about what we are changing, why we are changing things to include more people with a wider diversity of skills, and how the changes will, we believe, increase the impact each any every contribution has on the continued success of the project.

Rachel Lawson

Community Liaison, Drupal Association

King's Lynn, United Kingdom

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