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Jakarta, Indonesia

Spek for Rock-Solid BDD in Android

As engineer we should have a confidence level when implement feature or even do bug fixes. In term of development process sometimes do test is not easy as we should, changes sometimes also affect to another code. Under the hood good practices for do unit test is also following by good architecture for separation of concern.

In development we commonly do a review code for checking our code is good enough and do static analysis and another acceptable criteria. In practice, this quite challenging as engineer we have to do code review, if the code is not using appropriate design pattern and practice. In other hand as we seen in way of jUnit, they does not have good structure and context for do a grouping code and this make review test quite so hard.

In our case, we use MVP Clean Architecture in our codebases, and using spek make our test much more fun and great!, last but not least spek in different way, they have good context and grouping feature that’s make create test and test review easier.

Raditya Gumay

GOJEK, Lead of Android Developer Experience

Raditya Gumay is a Technopreneur, Software Engineer, and Research. Nowadays, he work at GOJEK indonesa. He also a technical product leader and entrepreneur with a history of designing, developing and commercializing high-polish products that share a focus on user experience innovative.

Raditya also mastering in Machine Learning such Backpropagation Neural Network. You can follow him on Twitter at @r_adiit or keep up with his blog by visiting radityalabs.net. and medium at medium.com/@gumay.raditya.

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