Radoslav Kovachev

vSphere Mobile Client

The bring-your-own-device approach adapted in companies of any size is now a trend and more and more employees will be using their own mobile devices to do day to day tasks. The vSphere Mobile Client is helping vSphere administrators monitor and manage their resources on the go, using their smartphone or tablet device. With its help one can monitor resource usage, view historical data and perform actions on inventory objects. Having a critical long running operation that needs to be monitored? No problem, the client will take care of it and send a push notification upon completion, even if when the device is locked or it's running a different application. Modern mobile devices offer many features that can be leveraged to create a delightful experience for the customer like voice recognition, NFC data transfer, fingerprint/face recognition to name of a few. One of the major goals of this project is to gather as much customer feedback as possible and use them to drive new features.

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