Cloud-Native Kubernetes Workflows on AKS with Argo

Kubernetes is the most popular container orchestrator available today. Building workflows is one of the key requirements that we, as developers, fulfill for the businesses. As businesses are rapidly turning to Kubernetes to host their workloads, the Kubernetes community has produced a Kubernetes native service named Argo that addresses the need for hosting workflows on Kubernetes.

Argo is a Cloud-Native Cloud Foundation (CNCF) project developed to solve many common business problems with ease when dealing with Kubernetes based deployment environment. It has four sub-components, i.e., Argo workflows, Argo CD, Argo Events, and Argo Rollouts. Each of the individual components can be used independently of each other, which makes Argo very flexible.

Some of the main advantages of Argo Workflows are:
• Natively designed for Containers
• Can run on any Kubernetes environment.
• Schedule workflows with just YAML configurations.
• Argo Workflows puts a cloud-scale supercomputer at your fingertips!

In this session, we will cover an introduction to Argo and its main components. We will also cover some examples of Argo workflows with several demos.

Value to Attendees

The following are the key takeaways from the session.

1. Learn to build Argo workflows in Kubernetes.
2. Remove custom tweaks in source code and Kubernetes setup and configure workflow entirely using YAML configurations.
3. Configure blue/green deployments, A/B testing using a lightweight component.
4. Configure event-based workflows using internal events or external services using webhooks.

Rahul Rai

Group Product Manager, LogicMonitor | MVP Microsoft Azure

Sydney, Australia

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