Deployment Certifications at Scale on AKS with Azure Policy and Azure Functions

Do you know that your Kubernetes cluster can talk to you? And that too, with voice or SMS messages?

Controlling resource deployments on an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster can quickly become challenging, particularly when multiple Continuous Delivery pipelines target the same cluster. In such scenarios, you want to build smarts within the Kubernetes cluster to admit or deny pods that do not meet your admission criteria. With Azure Policy for AKS, you can write static admission rules for your Kubernetes cluster. But what if your admission demands are dynamic or you want to roll out custom admission policies? By creating custom admission webhooks for Kubernetes, you can define custom policies that regulate the deployment of resources to a cluster.


In this session, we will present how you can administer Azure Policies for AKS and subsequently build a serverless validating admission webhook with Azure Functions to apply governance policies on the deployments in Kubernetes. Azure Functions allow you to integrate with external services without writing a single line of integration code. We will use the Azure Function’s native Twilio binding to send SMS updates on Kubernetes deployments to the Ops/SRE team. After participating in this session, you will understand how easy it is to write custom validating webhooks for Kubernetes. Also, you will learn to build and deploy a serverless infrastructure to certify deployments at scale.

Rahul Rai

Group Product Manager, LogicMonitor | MVP Microsoft Azure

Sydney, Australia


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