Learn Test Driven Development By Practice

A full workshop of Test Driven Development. Learn why you should practice TDD and try it out for yourself with guidance by two experienced software developers with a passion for testing.

The workshop starts with a short introduction of TDD and why I practice it. I then present a couple of scenarios and you get to implement them with TDD. You will learn why TDD produces code that is easier to test and learn how TDD has your back when you need to refactor everything.

Bring a laptop and a programming language you’re familiar with testing in - or if you aren’t familiar with testing at all pick one of our starter projects in: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, Rust, or TypeScript.

Programming in pairs is encouraged!

This workshop was first given at JFokus but has been given at private companies after that. I can be adjusted in length with a minimum of about 2 hours and a maximum of around 6 hours.

For smaller groups I like to do an ensemble-session before everyone starts on their individual/paired assignments. This requires a longer workshop.

Daniel Raniz Raneland

Sourceror @ factor10

Varberg, Sweden

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