Pipeline Patterns and Antipatterns - Things your Pipeline Should (Not) Do

Automated pipelines have become an integral part of our daily workflow. As the pipelines become increasingly important, the demands placed on them rise proportionally.

As with many things, a great pipeline operates seamlessly in the background, while a poorly designed one becomes a constant irritation.

But what makes a pipeline great? In what order should you run your test suites? Should you have one pipeline or ten?

In this talk, I will try to answer these questions and more by bringing up a few antipatterns I have encountered during my work as a consultant, explaining why I consider them such and what you should do instead.

After listening to this talk, you will have a better understanding of what makes a pipeline great and concrete things you can do to improve it and shorten the feedback loop.

Daniel Raniz Raneland

Sourceror @ factor10

Varberg, Sweden


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