Thawing Java on AWS Lambda: Reducing cold start times from 6 seconds to .1

Java has never been a perfect fit for Function as a Service platforms such as AWS Lambda or Azure Functions. While both platforms have official support for Java, Java functions unfortunately suffer from significantly longer cold start times than many other runtimes.

In this talk I will show a simple Spring Cloud Java function running on AWS Lambda with fairly horrible cold start times of around 6 seconds and then compare a few different approaches for significantly improving it. Eventually ending up with a cold start time of just 600 milliseconds - making Java a viable, though not without drawbacks, choice for FaaS platforms.

First given at JFokus 2022, but also given at CraftConf, AllDayDevOps and Devoxx.

30-45 minutes.

Daniel Raniz Raneland

Sourceror @ factor10

Varberg, Sweden


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