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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Cloud Native Telegraf to Level Up Your Monitoring

Telegraf is an agent for collecting, processing, aggregating, and writing metrics.

I bet that's the first time you've heard it mentioned though, right?

Lets fix that.

With over 200 plugins, Telegraf can fetch metrics from a variety of sources, allowing you to build aggregations and write those metrics to InfluxDB, Prometheus, Kafka, and many more targets.

In this talk, we will take a look at some of the lesser known, but awesome, plugins that are often overlooked; that allow Telegraf to monitor your cloud native applications. Specically, we'll cover building a lightweight edge processor and sidecar container to provide a fast, reliable, robust, performance enhancing collection pipeline that never drops a metric; and as a bonus - provides application specific probes that understand your application like nothing else.

Lets dive in.

David McKay

Senior Developer Advocate at Equinix Metal

David is a Senior Developer Advocate at Equinix Metal and a member of the Kubernetes org and release team.

As a professional technology magpie, David was an early adopter of cloud, container, and cloud-native technologies; crossing the murky waters of AWS in 2008, Docker in 2014, and Kubernetes in 2015.

With an insatiable love for technology, David is always on the hunt to learn and share knowledge with others in fun and exciting ways.

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