Communicate like a tourist

Have you ever been a tourist in a foreign land where you did not speak the language or understand the culture? You still found your way, didn't you? Let's explore the topic of communication, learning strategies, and concrete tools we can use in everyday communication applied to Engineering and Product teams.

How can ideas like Domain Design and architecture diagrams impact the information available and how it flows across our organization? Can we improve our decision-making and facilitate onboarding and sharing? In this talk, we will explore new concepts and understand why they can better help our brains assimilate data and why, ultimately, we crave communication.

This talk focuses on inspiring engineers to communicate more outside their direct teams, creating stronger cross-team relationships that will help them become more senior Individual Contributors and impact the quality of work in companies overall.
It also offers concrete options and techniques engineers can apply to make communication more effective.

Rafael Dohms

Architect @SurveyMonkey. Builder of simple code, streamer of data and communicator.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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