How to create a contrib module and being a maintainer in the

In this session, we'll present in a "practical way" how to create your first project contrib. That is, both a module, theme, or profile.
We will demonstrate in a "practical way" with hands-on and step by step so that it becomes something more interesting for the audience.

Session highlights:
- How to follow the best practices of to verify if makes sense to create a contrib project in different examples;
- Creating sandboxes and full projects on;
- How to configure git and follow the SCM for the new project;
- How to manage releases, between development, beta and stable;
- How to become a co-maintainer of existing projects to help the community.

I'll share my experience where I had the opportunity to create 7 official contrib modules in the community and over time I got involved helping other maintainers, and today I'm a maintainer of 51 contrib modules which are very relevant to the community, for instance, "Views" that is used by more than 400,000 sites and was included in Drupal core.

Those contributions were very relevant and in 2018 I was proud to be the Top #1 as individual user in the Drupal community according to Dries article "Who sponsors Drupal development? (2017-2018 edition):

So, I'll share this experience showing how to do it, explaining the challenges, and pointing the best way to become a good maintainer in the Drupal community.

Renato Goncalves

Software Architect at CI&T, Inc

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