Knowing and using new capabilities of CkEditor 5 with Drupal 10

In this session, we'll present the amazing new features that can be used on Drupal 10 combined with CKEditor 5 in order to improve your productivity with content authoring

Session highlights:
- How to use the Collaboration feature, with comments, tracking changes, and Real-time collaboration;
- How to export data to PDF, Word, HTML, and Markdown;
- How to use the new formatting features to customize font families, font size and background colors;
- How to apply advanced images and media management in the rich text editor, uploading images by file or URL, styling them, and using the responsive design.
- Using the new tables layout and todo-list;
- How to work with embedded code and code block inside of your rich text;
- Working safer with the Autosaver plugin and Spell-checker;
- Improving the productivity with Automatic Text transformation and Markdown Syntax;
- Applying the cross-platform to work with documents created from Microsoft Word and Google Docs;
- How to create your own custom features for CKEditor 5 using the API documentation;
- How to use the new features of Drupal 10 to help in different challenges in your routine

We'll also talk about an experience working with Drupal in huge projects since Drupal 6. We're Top 30 organization for a 4th year in a row, being the only Systems Integrator in the list so we'll show how to improve your productivity using Drupal 10 features

Renato Goncalves

Software Architect at CI&T, Inc


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