Rick Busarow

Going With the Flow -- Using Coroutines 1.3.x

Let’s talk reactive coroutines. The coroutines 1.3.0 release graduated Flow to stable, and introduced breaking changes to the Channel api.

When do we use Channels, and when do we use Flows? How do we maintain structured concurrency in our code, and how do we test it? Do we need to re-write our apps into MVFlow?

In this talk, we’ll evaluate the options for reactive programming with coroutines. We’ll go over Android-specific problems and how to fit their solutions into any existing architecture.

Rick Busarow

Senior Android Developer at Milwaukee Tool

Rick is a Senior Android developer at Milwaukee Tool. His primary focus is application architecture, with some dabbling in Bluetooth and coroutines. He's a strong believer in clean, testable code with minimal boilerplate.

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