Dive into Async apps with Kotlin Coroutines

This talk highlights the challenges underpinning some of the paradigms of asynchronous programming, in particular the callback based approach. The talk will address how Kotlin aims to solve this problem with coroutines by providing a synchronous interface to the user.

This talk would cover:
- Difference between Parallel Computing and Async Computing
- Coroutines Generator API - Sequences or iterables in an asynchronous manner
- Coroutine Scopes and how to manage them
- How to use Coroutines to do network calls from app.
- Actors, easing concurrency for Android Developers
- DSL with Coroutines
- Sneak peak at channels, and select experimental features in Coroutines
- Using Coroutines and Rx2 together

Rivu Chakraborty

Kotlin GDE, Android Dev, Author, Speaker, Community Person

Bengaluru, India


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