The State of Compose

While developing android apps, we have a habit of scattering around flags and variables all across activities or fragments. While this worked with XML views, it’ll definitely not work well with Jetpack Compose.
Jetpack Compose is the new declarative UI framework in android, which encourages developers to use states.
While migrating apps from XML to Jetpack Compose or while writing new apps with Jetpack Compose, developers need to decide on how to manage and hoist the state. Although states have been here for some time now in android, and long before Jetpack Compose, it still is confusing to most.
In this session, we’ll talk about different techniques for state management and hoisting along with their benefits and downsides and demystify states for Compose.
We'll also discuss how to avoid some common mistakes while working with states and compose that might lead to recomposition.

Rivu Chakraborty

Kotlin GDE, Android Dev, Author, Speaker, Community Person

Bengaluru, India


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