A deeper dive into dev containers for your project

Dev containers are a VS Code feature that allow us to define the perfect development environment for our project.

This enables a definition of a working development environment for all of your team or your open-source contributors to be quickly and easily provisioned and updated. It will even work in a browser! No more worrying about the right hardware, software installations, dependencies or updates. You can control it all with dev containers and make it simple and easy.

In this session we will dive deeper into dev containers and take a look at how we can use multiple containers for our development, multiple configurations for our dev containers, how to customise the entire experience and how to connect to your containers externally.

This sesssion is a natural follow on from our Why every project needs a dev container session but can also live on its lonesome

Rob Sewell

Be-Whiskered Automator of Things

Exeter, United Kingdom


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