Rob Sutter

Serverless Ops – Bye-bye Bash, Hello Go!

Learn how to use Go to automate tasks like security incident response, disaster recovery plan testing, and test environment population – all without running a single server! By creating AWS Lambda functions using Go you can minimize your own management overhead while creating tools that are more readable, fault tolerant, testable, and performant than shell scripts.

In this talk I'll walk through various common operations tasks and show how Go and AWS Lambda can be the two of the most flexible tools in your tool box. I'll also show how to get started quickly to solve almost any operations issue while still maintaining good software development practices.

This session is for anyone looking to simplify their operations responsibilities or interested in learning more about serverless functions and Go. Basic familiarity with Go is helpful, but not required.

Rob Sutter

Serverless Developer Advocate at Amazon

Rob Sutter, a Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services, has woven application development into his entire career, from time in the U.S. Army and U.S. Government to stints with the Big Four and consulting firms. He has started his own company – twice – once providing consulting services and most recently with WorkFone, a software as a service startup that provided virtual digital identities to government clients. Prior to joining Amazon Rob freelanced as an infrastructure engineer, helping AWS clients modernize their build pipelines and operations – using serverless technologies and Go, of course!

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