Workshop - GitOps with Flux

In the cloud native era, GitOps have become one of the preferred methods of handling application deployment. When developers have created their applications, we don’t want to write imperative and bespoke pipelines for deployment, it should just work.

This workshop was created to help you to go from no knowledge of GitOps, to running a multi-tenant and efficient deployment procedure, with automatic and self-healing application deployments.

You need to have some knowledge about Kubernetes concepts, like how to deploy resources and write manifests, and foundational knowledge of Git for this workshop.

In this workshop, the attendees get to experience setting up multiple environments from a mono-repository, based on Kustomize and GitOps best practices. We will go through multi-tenant deployments, automation of container tags, and progressive delivery with Flagger.

This workshop was first held during KCD Oslo 2024, and received good feedback.

Roberth Strand

Principal Cloud Native Architect, Sopra Steria

Oslo, Norway


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