Databases in the Microservices World

Web technologies have come leaps and bounds. But are you still using the tired old database from last generation? Let's look at the methodology of microservices, compare it to bounded contexts, and look at ops tasks for micro-databases. Let's tour all the flavors of databases, understand their pros and cons, and when you would choose it. You'll leave with a roadmap for moving from data-monolith to micro-databases.

Why do we refactor apps into microservices but end up with a monolith database? We look at how to handle the monolithic database (bounded contexts), what we need to get to micro-databases (automation), and now that we have lots of databases, we explore the types of databases and when you'd use them: SQL, NoSQL, time-series, graph, object store (file system), etc.

Rob Richardson

Provo, Utah, United States


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