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Faster Web Apps with GraphQL

Speed is one of the biggest factors of good UX. A very effective way to increase your web app's speed is to reduce the amount of communication between server and client. This is even more for mobile applications.

GraphQL is a query framework that can dramatically reduce this amount of communication. It works by minimizing the data transmission volume and cutting the number of roundtrips between server and client. On top of that, GraphQL keeps your various APIs transparent and manageable.

This talk shows the business benefits of GraphQL and a live demo of how to implement GraphQL in a legacy RESTful environment.

Roman Abashin

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Roman Abashin loves new technologies and great UX. He has worked as a consultant for various clients throughout Central Europe, always helping companies to succeed in digital transformation. Connecting tech and business, he also teaches startup entrepreneurs on how to be a kick-ass negotiator.

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