Ronny de Jong

Information & Communications Technology

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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

The secret of smart working unveiled with Microsoft Productivity Score

We live and work in a time in which there is more change happening at a more rapid pace than ever before. The way in which organizations empower employees across all their devices is changing rapidly as they deliver work experiences that are more empowering and transformative for their users.

Organizations desire to move to a consistent and unified way to enable their users across all their devices and are looking for guidance on the best way to do this that is both empowering and secure. But it this really the case? Are your employees actually empowered as intended with best system configuration? Do they collaborate in an effective and is messaging used in a way it was intended?

After you watched this session, you will be able to interpreter your organizational insights, convert them in concrete actions and implement improvements to thrive your transformation!

This is a must visit session for IT Managers and IT pro's who wants to improve your organization works and prioritize the way IT is optimized.

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Ronny de Jong

Principal Consultant, InSpark

As principal consultant & Microsoft MVP Ronny is working for InSpark, the #1 Dutch Microsoft Partner specialized in Datacenter & Apps, Modern Workplace, Data/AI, Security & Managed Services.

As principal consultant Ronny is member of the InSpark Technology Board, which is responsible for technology innovation, strategy & vision of InSpark with focus on Microsoft 365 (Identity-, Modern Workplace-, Security & Threat protection). Therefore responsible for a great team of highly skilled consultant’s helping customers to accelerate by innovation.

As Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) he’s working closely with various Microsoft product groups to provide (customer) feedback, product improvements & most important, his contribution to the community by sharing knowledge & experience. His presence at various international (community) events like Tech Summit, Experts Live, Techorama, Workplace Ninja's & various user group meetings are dedicated by meeting people & again sharing knowledge.

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