Ricardo Cabral

Information & Communications Technology

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Lisbon, Portugal

If a machine can learn, why can't YOU learn Azure Machine Learning? [Workshop]

Everything in the world now uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Annoying targeted ads that show up on websites,
automatic cars and many other automated IoT devices.
Are you a DBA or Developer and would like to get started with Azure ML the EASY WAY?
Azure ML isn't just for "data scientists"... Anyone can use it! And after this hands-on workshop you'll be using it too...
Disclaimer: Sadly, AzureML still can't predict what's on your girlfriend's mind. Nothing ever will.

Ricardo Cabral

Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) | IT Trainer | IT Consultant

Ricardo Cabral is a Technical Engineer in Computer Science, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), IT Trainer and also IT Consultant.

Ricardo is interested in technology with several years of experience in IT management, development and projects.

He participates, volunteers and speaks in community meetings.

In his free time he often spotted at Xbox Live.

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