Ryan Hochstetler

Information & Communications Technology

Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Take a Test Driven Development Approach to Docker

Is your team waiting until deployment to test the contents and configuration of your Docker images? Test Driven Development isn't just for application code. Apply it to your infrastructure code as well! You'll learn about multiple tools available to verify the output of Dockerfiles and test running containers. Adding one of these tools into your developer build and CI/CD pipeline can detect errors and regressions earlier, making them less costly to fix. It's time to replace `docker run` as your testing tool of choice for Docker.

Ryan Hochstetler

Senior Cloud Nerd at Flywheel - Delightful managed WordPress hosting

Ryan is a recovering enterprise Java developer who now slings Ruby and Go on the daily at Flywheel to keep tens of thousands of Kubernetes-hosted WordPress instances running smoothly. Outside work he enjoys woodworking, auto maintenance, brewing beer, long bike rides with his family, and even longer rides on his motorcycle.

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