A quick-start guide to Windows Virtual Desktop

Getting ready to start your Windows Virtual Desktop Journey, with this session, I break down the pre-requisites and implementation into simple learning blocks.

In this session you will learn:

• Plan for a successful deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop.
• Learn how to Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop for the first time.
• Learn how to configure FSLogix Profile Containers for your WVD Environment
• How to troubleshoot as well as some tips and best practice.

In this session, I will provide a step by step guide of how to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop. we first start with describing the pre-requisites, and then move into a full demo of deploying Windows Virtual Desktop ready for use. I will then finish off with configuring FSLogix profile containers and discuss troubleshooting as well as best practice for Windows Virtual Desktop.

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to deploy a simple Windows Virtual Desktop and Setup FSLogix Profile containers.

Ryan Mangan

Cloud and EUC Technologist, Author, Technical Blogger

York, United Kingdom


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